-------------    LIGHT BITES    -------------

*Homemade soup of the day:  £4.75  

With Half Baguette & Butter

*Baguettes: £5.25

Brie & Cranberry, Cheese, BLT,

Tuna Mayo & Cucumber, Egg Mayo

Humous Lettuce & Red Onion 

All served with crisps


*Breakfast Bap:  £3.75

Choose from Sausage, Egg or Bacon

*Filled Jacket Potato:  £5.95

Tuna Mayo, Cheese, Beans,

Coleslaw Cheese & Beans.   

Extra fillings £0.75

With salad garnish and homemade slaw


*Toasties:  £5.95

Choose from Cheese, Ham, Tuna

Mayo & Cheese or Cheese & Ham

on thick white or

granary bread

Served with crisps


*Toasted Teacake:  £2.25 

Served with Butter & Jam   


-----------    MAIN MEALS    -----------


*Breaded Wholetail Scampi:  £9.50

Served with Chips, Peas & Tartare sauce


*Tomato & Basil Quiche:  £8.50

Served with Mixed Salad and Chips

*Local Ham, Eggs and Chips:  £8.95


*Chestnut Ploughmans: £8.95

A mix of Ham, Cheese and Egg with Mixed Dressed Salad,

Pickles and Half Baguette and Butter

*Red Leicester & Spinach Macaroni: £8.50

Served with Crusty Bread and Butter                    


*Sausage & Chips with peas or beans: £8.50

Available with Pork Breakfast Sausage

or Vegan Sausage


*See the board for today’s special


-------------    SIDES    -------------

*Salad Bowl:  £3.25

*Homemade Coleslaw:  £2.50


*Chips/Cheesy Chips:  £2.25/ £2.95


*Crisps:  £1.00


-----   CHILDREN’S MEALS    -----


*Fishfingers or Sausages with Chips, Peas or Beans


*Half Jacket Potato with Cheese, Tuna Mayo or Beans


*Wholetail Scampi, Chips with Peas or Beans


All Meals £5.95 and include

No Added Sugar Fruit Shoot Drink


------------    HOT DRINKS   ----------- 

* Fresh Coffee:  £2.60 

Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, Flat White       

Decaf and Soya Milk available    


* Hot Chocolate:  £2.80

With Whipped Cream and Marshmallows £3.30

* Moccha:  £2.80


*English Breakfast Tea:  £1.75 


* Herbal Teas:  £1.95

Earl Grey, Red Berries, Camomile, Rooibos,

Lemon & Ginger,

Green, Decaf


------    COLD DRINKS    --------

* Cans:  £1.50

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sprite, Fanta  

* Bottled Water:  £1.90

Still or Sparkling


* Fentimans:  £2.40

Rose Lemonade, Dandelion & Burdock, Ginger Beer


* Fruit Juice:  £1.90

Orange or Apple

* Ice Cream Milkshakes:  £3.60

Strawberry, Chocolate or Banana

--------    ALCOHOLIC DRINKS    -------------


* Cotswold Lager:  £3.75

Brewed here in Bourton 


* Double Donn:  £3.75

Local Dark Ale


 * Cider:  £3.20


*Wine by the Glass:  £3.10/£5.00 

White, Red or Rose  125ml/250ml

* Bottle of Wine: £12.50

White, Red or Rose


Our licence only permits the sale of alcohol with food

-----  CREAM TEA AND CAKES  ----

* Cream Tea:  £4.75

Two plain scones, clotted cream

and strawberry jam and a breakfast tea


* Cake of the Day:  £2.95   

Ask your server for today’s selection


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